Since 1989, a farm has become a breeding stud

Better known under the name of “Sonnenhof”, the agricultural company belonging to the family of Rudolf and Regina Faymonville and their four children has served them for decades as a means of earning their living.

In 1989, the son Joseph took over the family farm and in addition to his main profession of a tax and company management adviser, he wanted to become a breeder and it was then that he discovered his passion for breeding horses.

The first mares arrived at the farm in 1991 and the planned mating of North Rhine Westphalia mares and stallions rapidly produced foals of very high quality. The foundations of successful breeding had been laid and soon afterwards all the mares were registered in the principal Rhineland studbook.

With the support of his wife Gaby and of the tireless zeal of his father Rudolf, Joseph Faymonville’s stud rapidly became one of the principal breeding operations in the east of Belgium and at present has 6-7 full-time employees.

With a great deal of interest and tireless zeal, the father, Rudolf, gave his support to the new activity of the farm and until his death in 2003, his experience of contact with animals proved a valuable supporting pillar of the Sonnenhof stud.

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