Successful reproduction

At present, we carry on breeding using 4 to 7 mares using artificial insemination in our operation. Some stallions bred by us are regularly used for insemination.

The choice of sires is made in accordance with specific criteria, which meet the requirements of sport and of the services to be rendered. The excellent results obtained at exhibitions of foals and at pre-selections of stallions at Aachen bear witness to the success of our effort.

Customised breeding

The high rate of fertilisation (± 90%) at the stud is due to our know-how of the breeding, feeding and handling of stallions. We specialise in the breeding of stallions, our fillies are sold at auctions, or at private sales.

Since our stallions are allowed to relax almost up to the date of pre-selection, they are perfectly balanced and yield excellent results on insemination.
Stallions authorised to undergo the process of approval are prepared for the Münster-Hamdporf principal approval, by the exercise of special and professional care.

All stallions not authorised to undergo the process of approval are trained by the stud to become riding horses and to be put up for sale.

Stallion rearing

In Maspelt, a village close to Burg-Reuland where the borders of Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg meet together, we have created ideal conditions for successfully rearing our young animals.

The chequered slopes and juicy meadows and pastures found in the valley of the River Our offer just the right healthy environment for us to rear our stallions (35 ha). And we have the added bonus of the Eifel’s healthy air and raw climate with their positive influence on man and beast, moulding them for life.

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